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Energy Anatomy Workshop

The inspiring workshop uses the principles of Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Hatha Yoga.

Club Morgan

Children attending a Club Morgan workshop will engage in fun and inspiring activities.


Acupressure from China and Yoga from India, a powerful combination of ancient health practices based on the energy system of the body.

Yoga and Pilates

A dynamic combination for maximum effect to tone, strengthen and energize body and mind.

How to re-set the body’s clock

How to Reset the Body Clock and Increase Vitality. Yoga and Qigong are among the worlds oldest healing arts.

Self Shiatsu – An Invaluable Tool

Can be practiced anywhere at any time without preparation or instruments, when working or even waiting for a train or bus.

The Art of Relaxation

In the last 100 years life has changed drastically brining about a dispersion of human energies on all levels.

Tai Chi 8 Brocades (Ba-Duan-Jin)

A powerful set of exercises devised by a famous Chinese General developed to train his troops keep them strong.

T’ai Chi Workout

Warm ups, energy cultivation exercises, sequences of movements, skills for life, mind training and cool down techniques.

Hatha Yoga and Five Forces

Postures and techniques which allow you to focus on the seven Charka's and five phases of vitality.

Dynamic Spiraling

This method of Chi Kung harmonises information from western scientific methods and eastern knowledge.

Dao-yin of the Dragon

An ancient Taoist practice which energetically strengthens and detoxifies the internal systems of the body, through a deep internal massage.


Meditation is not about techniques it is beyond techniques... but techniques are the ways to lead and help you to reach a Meditative State.


The ChiBall Method™ is a leading holistic approach to health and exercise based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Traditionally in China and Japan people regularly gave each other Shiatsu to ease away aches and pains, increase stamina.


Movements that combine toning, stretching and coordinating in such a way that with regular practice your fitness.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is distinguished by attention to alignment and the thoughtful sequencing of poses, which creates a free flowing energy.

Seasonal Yoga

A class designed to send energy flowing through the Meridian lines (energy pathways of the body) which will re-vitalize all your systems and organs.


These are energy cultivating exercises, and is the mastery of working with the body’s innate wisdom and chi our vital life force.

T’ai Chi for Children

For thousands of years the Chinese have placed great emphasis on the study of nature and animals.

T’ai Chi

It builds strength, improves balance, develops stamina, concentrates the mind and relieves stress.

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