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Sometimes such special things happen .. When you are least expecting it. We were filming Sue doing the form in Azle park, I was trying to stop people photo bombing ! When this bus of mentally and some physically handicapped adults arrived to hang out in the park .. I couldn’t keep them out of the shot so we gave them a session .. They were all moving and breathing together as a team .. It was one of the most moving things I have experienced in a while. They all gave us a hug as a thanks when we had finished. The staff with them where so impressed that Sue managed to hold their attention for 20 mins… All together .. The power of Chi is an amazing thing

Sue shows how to perform Bhastrika

Sue demonstrates ventillation breath

Julie talks Sue through Ujjayi Breathing

Sue shows how to do Nadi Shodana

Sue shows how to do Sama Vritti

Sue shows Maha Pranayama

Sue shows how to do Kapalabhati

Julie and Sue explain mula bandha

Sue demos the full yogic breath

Sue Senior Seasonal Flow

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