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Discover Biospirals Chi Kung

biospiralsGrounding, calming and flowing, the Biospirals Method Chi Kung helps the body to relax and become more centred by emulating one of the most beautiful patterns in nature – the spiral. Through the Biospirals movements we are able to reconnect with our bodies and enhance our natural energy – chi.

Whether you are experienced in Tai Chi/Chi Kung or a complete beginner; have knowledge of Chinese Medicine, are a complementary therapist or energy worker; or are someone who simply wants to feel better within themselves, come and join us, have some fun and discover the potential of the Biospirals Method.

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Poster – Biospirals Method Training School



Franchise Opportunities

club_morganClub Morgan has now been launched as a franchise opportunity to help us reach as many children as possible with this incredible programme. Are you interested in owning an affordable Club Morgan Franchise in your area?

As a franchisee, Club Morgan will ensure you are fully trained in all aspects of teaching the Club Morgan programme and running your own business. We offer full and genuine support and will be on hand at all times to assist you and help you develop your business. We believe there are many benefits to running a Club Morgan franchise!..


Become A Facilitator
Club Morgan is seeking facilitators to deliver this amazing programme. All training and support provided. Would you like to subsidize your income or even teach the programme on a part time or full time basis? If so please get in touch, we would love to hear from you


Laura Wills
Telephone: 07909 851992 or 01420 538584


Seasonal Yoga Academy presents Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training courses at venues in London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Helsinki

Marit Julie and Sue
Sue Teaching at SYTT
Seasonal Yoga

DO you have a passion for yoga and personal evolution and want to know more?RYS 200
We are presenting a fantastic year of Self Discovery. This course is for those who wish to deepen their current practice and learn more about themselves, as well as those who wish to gain the ability to teach yoga in the future. (RYS 200 Qualification). For everyone it will be a year of personal evolution.

The Course Directors / lecturers will be Sue Woodd, Julie Hanson and Marit Griffith. Together they represent some of the most experienced teachers in the UK today. They have very different specialism’s, and in bringing this to the course they offer a wide spectrum of knowledge and understanding.

They shall be joined by other lecturers and teaching assistants to help ensure the high standard of the course, both in terms of the material taught, and behind the scenes.

Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training

Seasonal Yoga Online Resources

Seasonal Yoga Helsinki (site is in finnish)


F3 T’ai Chi Academy™ – Tai Chi and Chi Kung Instructor Training Courses.

T’ai_Chi_AcademyA journey of self-development and discovery. The academy has been put together to promote and encourage the development and accessibility of both Tai Chi and Chi Kung for health and wellbeing.

Energy Yoga School – Online Further Training Courses.

EYS AutumnSue Woodd and Julie Hanson are colaborating on a new online venture where qualified yoga teachers and those who wish to deepen their knowledge can learn from these two great teachers. Training material from Sue’s and Julie’s existing courses with additional extras where available can be accessed anywhere at anytime as they are hosted on a dedicated training website.  Sue and Julie both realise that time and money are best invested wisely and by presenting their material online they’re hoping to spread their teaching and knowledge to those who may not be able to attend one of their training courses in person.

Covering all aspects of TCM, Seasonal Yoga, Daoyin, Breathing and Meditation, the course is offered in both seasonal and year long modules.

Energy Yoga School Online Training

Seasonal Yoga – 1 Year Training Courses.

The training is held in Finland. Yoga makes our bodies stronger, more flexible and relaxes the mind. With this unique Seasonal Yoga Training we go further and unite the human nature with the nature we’re part of.

For thousands of years, ancient cultures have studied the two-way communication between man and nature cycles and how natural laws work in relation to human physiology.

For example; how the phases of the moon influence the fluids of the body, or how to get maximum yield when planting crops, or how the cycles of day and night influence activity and rest.

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