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Newly released book full colour/hardback

10th of December - 30th of June 2019

Location: n/a

Two hundred years ago we got up when it was light, went to bed when it was dark, ate local produce when it was in season, and joined in the energy and festivals of the local community; we were totally in tune with energy and its natural cycles. But now, sitting in front of our computers, we can shop eat or bank twenty-four hours a day, and pay no attention to our energy fluctuations.

Seasonal yoga shows how to re-evaluate your life, and explains how you can reacquaint yourself with ‘living in season’ in a simple and easy way. The book gives you lifestyle tips, yoga flows and Qigong and Tai Chi moves for each season and the corresponding organs, as well as meditations and reflections for the time of year.

£25 p&p included (UK only) Hardback and full colour

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