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Sue Woodd Upcoming Events

Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training Finland Module 3

8th of Dec 2016 - 10th of Dec 2016
Sesaonal Yoga training small

Seasonal Yoga for Yoga Teachers

17th of Jan 2017 - 18th of Jan 2017

Seasonal Yoga for Yoga Teachers

7th of Mar 2017 - 8th of Mar 2017

Seasonal Yoga for Yoga Teachers

16th of May 2017 - 17th of May 2017

About Sue Woodd

Sue Woodd has been working in the field of Complementary Health and Wellbeing for the past 25 years, founding her own school in 1991.

In 1995 she set up a Safari camp in India to give people a real flavour of India, inspired by how the local people used exercise, food, herbs, massage, meditation and lifestyle to enhance their health, relationships and lives.


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